Michele Stuart Speaking on Internet Profiling & Intelligence Gathering

Michele Stuart Ms. Stuart is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Arizona with twenty years of experience specializing in the areas of Financial, Open Source Investigations (OSINT), Corporate Investigations, and Intelligence/Counterintelligence. She started her investigative career as an Economic Fraud Investigator.

Ms. Stuart is an Adjunct Professor with the University of Virginia and an Instructor at Quantico for multi-country training programs. She provides seminars on her specialized investigative techniques in Open Source Investigations (OSINT). Over the past years, she has provided presentations and private training to both Federal and State levels of law enforcement agencies and military intelligence throughout the United States, including attendees of Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, FBI, DOJ, Border Patrol, Indian Tribal Nations and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Additionally, she has presented classes for RSIG, ARA, Allied Finance Adjusters, Insurance Special Investigative Units and numerous financial and state associations. Moreover, she has written and published several articles pertaining to her investigative methods in various investigative publications and journals and is a featured author with her own column concerning Internet Profiling and Open Source Investigations titled Internet FYI in PI Magazine, a widely distributed trade publication of the private investigations industry. Her presentation is entitled “Internet Profiling and Intelligence Gathering.”

Download the Seminar Flyer (PDF)

When and where?

  • Wednesday, February 20, 2013, in Tacoma, Washington — 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Thursday, February 21, 2013, in Portland, Oregon — 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

What is the cost?

This seminar is free for NWCUCA members, and $125 for non-members. Lunch will be provided.

How do I sign up?

First, pick the location and date you will be attending from the list above. To reserve a spot for the Tacoma (February 20) seminar, send an email to Jeffery Girmus (jgirmus@prevailcu.com). To reserve a spot for the Portland (February 21) seminar, send an email to Danette Morrison (dmorrison@nwcu.com). Space is limited, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.