Our board members are engaged in different aspects of NWCUCA activities. To ensure you are connected with the right person, please see the below contacts.  Feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!

Conference Inquiries

For questions related to the NWCUCA conference, contact Celeste Erickson at  celeste@twinstarcu.com  360-999-9118

Directory Inquiries

For questions related to NWCUCA directories, contact Tami Benton at Tami@whiterivercu.com  360-825-4833 Ext 405

Education Inquiries

For questions related to NWCUCA educational events, contact Kristi Holien at kholien@wsecu.org 800-893-7689 Ext 10751

Hotel Inquiries

For hotel or event planning inquiries, contact Celeste Erickson at celeste@twinstarcu.com  360-999-9118

Membership Inquiries

For credit union membership application and inquiries, contact Missy Ray at Missy@greatnwfcu.com  800-533-8396 Ext 116

Newsletter Inquiries

For newsletter inquiries, contact Mallory LeMay at mlemay@obee.com  360-943-0740 Ext 2006

Educational Scholarship Inquiries

For educational & conference scholarship inquiries, contact Kristi Holien at  kholien@wsecu.org 800-893-7689 Ext 10751

Business Partner Inquiries

For Business Partner or sponsorship related inquiries, contact Jessica Robinson at jrobinson@wsecu.org  800-893-7689 Ext 10732

Website Inquiries

For website or technical inquiries, contact Celeste Erickson at celeste@twinstarcu.com  360-999-9118 or Kari Olson at kario@mountaincrestcu.com  425-454-5808

All Other Inquiries

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