Through hard work and dedication, the association is continuing to grow and support our founders’, Robert Sadowski, vision. The Board continues to recognize individuals that have volunteered their time and energy to get the association where it is today and have gone above and beyond the call of duty by presenting them with the prestigious SKI AWARD.

It is with honor that we recognize past recipients:

2023 Steve Castner

2022 Francesco Graffis
First Tech FCU

2021 Tami Benton
White River CU

2019 Kari Olson
Qualstar CU

2018 Celeste Erickson
TwinStar CU

2017 Brian Conger
Advanced Recovery

2016 Missy Ray
Great NW Federal CU

2015 Kathy Butcher
Tapco CU

2014 Jennifer Haines
America’s CU

2013 Toni Redding
Fred Meyer CU

2012 Jeff Girmus
Prevail CU

2011 Sue Radowick
Harborstone CU

2010 Rebecca Bauer
Prevail CU

2009 Mike Asay
America’s CU

2008 Diane Sokolik
Twinstar CU

2007 Sharon Yost
Harborstone CU

2006 Mark Radel
Industrial CU

2005 Kim Ridout
Straightview CU

2004 Tony Richardson

2003 Karlena Pierce
Seattle Metropolitan CU